The Economic Benefits of ICSABC

There are a number of significant economic benefits associated with patent pending Casimir Systemics – Insitu Conversion of Stranded Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC) technology that include:

  • No need for mining.
  • No need for handling.
  • No need for transportation.
  • No need to prepare the bio-carbons to be fed into a reactor.
  • No need for disposing of ash or slag.
  • No need for an above ground gasification plant.
  • Significantly lower capital cost for project development than that of above ground plants.
  • Less expensive energy production compared to Natural Gas, Oil or Coal.
  • Elimination of land reclamation and pollution remediation.
  • Local employment opportunities for career positions.
  • Large monetary impact into local economy from sales of energy to spot market.
  • Long term resource management.
  • Guaranteed revenue per supply contract.
  • Lower cost energy production when compared to most all competing systems.