A Casimir Systemics patented process will leave behind the harmful byproducts of coal and other biocarbons while extracting clean energy carriers for the production of electricity.




InSitu Conversion of Stranded Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC)  is a process that extracts the stored solar energy from otherwise considered stranded energy deposits, usually referred to as coal.

Casimir Systemics LLC’s technology “ICSABC”, is a means for harvesting stranded energy resources and converting them into energy carriers The energy carriers are then piped to the surface and can be used in almost any other manner that traditional oil and natural gas is used. It can be converted to gasoline, diesel fuel or even jet fuel. It can also be used to fuel existing power plants. This process leaves the earth in pristine condition with no discernible environmental impact.

While maintaining an environmentally neutral impact, Casimir’s technology will produce inexpensive electricity. It does not require the massive infrastructure associated with conventional power plants and is less intrusive than a wind or solar farm. This permits local production of electricity.