Bio-Carbons, that cannot be economically or technologically recovered are considered “stranded assets”.  Casimir Systemics - Insitu Conversion of Stranded Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC) technology is engineered to access the previously considered “stranded energy resources” that reside deep within the earth. Using a minimally invasive process, Casimir Systemics LLC’s patent pending technology “ICSABC”, the harvesting of the stranded energy resource is economical and environmentally sound.  This process leaves the earth in pristine condition with no discernible environmental impact!

How does it work?

ICSABC uses a “smart” drill to penetrate the earth and locate a target energy reserve.  After characterization, A slurry jet excavator and injector are used to create an Underground Cellular Gasification Reactor (UCGR) within a bed of Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ABC). This ABC is gasified where it lies, and is converted into a gaseous energy carrier called “Syngas”. Casimir refers to this gas as SunGas™since this energy carrier is stored solar energy.

Containing Hydrogen, Carbon monoxide, and Methane as main constituents, the converted-as- needed ABC derived SunGas™ is channeled up to the surface. Next, the SunGas™ is separated into intrinsic gas streams which feed banks of fuel cells. In a controlled reaction with atmospherically concentrated oxygen, the energy carriers are converted into electricity. Waste from the fuel cells is water vapor, heat, and captured Carbon Dioxide. This facility is a zero-pollution and zero-greenhouse gas emission installation.

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