Geostabilization International and Casimir Systemics join forces to bring stored solar energy buried deep in the ground to the surface, convert it into electricity, making it available anywhere in the world!



InSitu Conversion of Stranded Anachronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC)  is a process that extracts the stored solar energy from otherwise considered stranded energy deposits, usually referred to as coal.

ICSABC technology extracts a mixture of concentrated energy carriers derived from bio-carbons. Separated into three purified streams, it is ideal for producing electricity via fuel cells or can be converted into standardized thermal fuels and other derived hydrocarbons such as plastics.

Casimir Systemics LLC’s technology “ICSABC”, is a means for harvesting stranded energy resources and converting them into SunGas™.  This process is economical and environmentally sustainable. It has the added appeal of leaving the earth in pristine condition with no discernible environmental impact!