Solutions for clean energy

Casimir Systemics - ICSABC technology is engineered to harvest stored solar energy located deep within the earth.

ICSABC will provide infrastructure level electricity while maintaining a near zero environmental impact.

ICSABC is a technology that can be installed in an environmentally harmonious manner.

ICSABC technology extracts SunGas a mixture of concentrated energy carriers derived from bio-carbons. Separated into three purified streams it is ideal for producing electricity via fuel cells.  Alternatively, SunGas™ may be converted into standardized thermal fuels or other derived hydrocarbons such as plastics.

Casimir Systemics LLC’s  technology “ICSABC”, is a means for harvesting stranded energy resources and converting them into SunGas™.  This process is economical and environmentally sound! It has the added appeal of leaving the earth in pristine condition with no discernible environmental impact!


Stored Solar Energy: Any medium in which the bi-products of photosynthetic, or photothermal energy that is originated from solar irradiance can be stably stored. Such storage presupposes a means of readily extracting or converting the energy in efficient manner.

Casimir Systemics Technology Introduction

Learn more about our patent pending In Situ Conversion of Stranded Anochronistic Bio-Carbon (ICSABC) process that extracts the stored solar energy from otherwise considered stranded energy deposits.